Day 1: Friday, 10 March 2023

TopicSpeakerTimeGoalTarget AudiencePrice
Weight loss and diabetes prevention Reem Al-tamimi (Dietitian)09:00 – 11:40a. Understand Diabetes Prevention Program Standards
b. Learn how to become a Diabetes Prevention Program educator
c. Discuss how to build and manage a successful interdisciplinary prevention program
d. Understand tools for Diabetes Prevention Program
e. Apply personalized care plan for Diabetes Prevention Program
• Dietitians
• Diabetes educators
• Nurses working in a diabetes center
• Family medicine and primary health care physicians
• Community pharmacists
100 SAR
Medication Therapy Management in DiabetesDr. Catherine E.
Zeilinger (Clinical
13:00 – 15:40a. Demonstrate skills for increasing positive interactions between providers and patients
b. Learn the psychological needs among people with diabetes
c. Comprehend medication managing skills for the drug therapy problems in patients with diabetes
• Hospital pharmacists
• Internal medicine physicians
• Community pharmacists
• Inpatient nurses
100 SAR

Day 2: Saturday, 11 March 2023

TopicSpeakerTimeGoalTarget AudiencePrice
Diabetes educator certificate (diabetes care specialist)Mr. Besher
Akram Sweidan
(Senior Nurse
and Diabetic
09:00 – 11:40a. How to become a global certified diabetes care and education specialist: requirements, study tips, renewal process and more
b. Acquire basic clinical knowledge, skills and ability related to diabetes education
c. Demonstrate how to use adult learning techniques/participatory teaching in class activities
d. Identify and incorporate a variety of different frameworks useful for promoting behavior change
• Home care nurses
• Primary health care nurses
• Nurses working in a diabetes center
• Inpatient nurses
• Dietitians
• Other health practitioners
• MTM pharmacists
100 SAR
Diabetic foot care skillsDr. Sadiq
Almubarak (General Surgery Consultant)
13:00 – 15:40a. Provide the knowledge and skills in evaluating patients suffering from diabetic foot
b. Learn skills for developing a patient care plan focusing on interdisciplinary approach
• Surgery residents and specialists
• Inpatient nurses working surgery and internal medicine departments
• Nurses working in diabetes center
• Nurses working in primary health care center
100 SAR


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