• To foster national and international scientific cooperation for significance to healthcare, social care, quality of life and well-being for individuals, families and communities across the world that impact all of humankind.

• To inspire and provide opportunities to share knowledge, compare perspectives, examine issues, exchange experiences and transform current understandings of prevalent diseases prevention and therapeutics.
• To provide an opportunity for participants to discuss ideas and devise and test strategies to mobilize concerted action toward effective collaborative practice for significance to health care.
• To share, present and address ideas and solutions to the emerging healthcare challenges and the most challenging patient safety problems.
• To bring together world’s experts and those interested in prevalent diseases prevention, care process and management including all practitioners (physicians, pharmacists, laboratory technologists, nurses, and health sciences students), educators, researchers, scientists, students, academics, administrators, leaders, policymakers, entrepreneur, start-up founders and patients.
• To spotlight the published evidence, current best practices, medical recommendations, health innovations and research in order to promote a safer society, and increase public health awareness about prevention and management of prevalent diseases.


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