Prevention and Therapeutic Awareness (PTA) Competition


Under the theme of “Envisioning the Prospects of Prevention and Therapeutics in Diabetes” and through designing a creative video content competition, you will be able to raise public awareness about the prevention and therapeutics of diabetes in an influential manner compatible with today’s technology. Because you care and we all care, your video will reach the vastest potential audience in clear scientific language. 

Who can participate?

All Healthcare providers (physician, pharmacist, nursing, dietitian, laboratory technologists, resident and fellow, health informatics, social worker and psychologist, medical technicians, public health, other allied health specialist, and related specialties), researchers and innovators, entrepreneurs and start-up founders in healthcare, healthcare industry specialist, student and intern.

Individual or group registration?

The world is your oyster! Show your creative side in your own way! Group or individual.

Note that the maximum number of members in one group is three.

What are the candidate areas?
  1. 1- The proper way to use, possible side effects. drug interactions, contraindications of the chosen antidiabetic or weight reduction medication.
  2. 2- The different types of prevention measures related to diabetes.
  3. 3- Behavior changes in helping individuals to manage diabetes and prevent complications including Diabetic foot care. 
  4. 4- Cultural considerations in diabetes management, and common myths and beliefs held by the public towards diabetes.  
  5. 5- Complementary and alternative medicine therapies for diabetes
  6. 6- Self-care as integral to effective management and appropriate to patient needs; for example, urine and blood glucose monitoring, and diet and lifestyle modification.
  7. 7- Regular medical checks and achieving personal targets; for example, blood glucose, lipid values, blood pressure, HBA1c, albumin excretion status, meal planning and activity.
  1. What is the suggested video delivery method for the submitted video?

Your creativity can be displayed, and your knowledge can be shared in any way you choose! (With or without conversation, silent video withdrawing, animated video). However, here is a suggested format:

  1. 1- Beginning: Attract your audience’s attention and motivate them to listen, engage their mind by offering some background information about the topic, highlight your experience (if any), set the tone for the story, and preview main ideas. Then, move to the body of the story.
  2. 2- Body: Provoke emotion and organize your main message, make sure main message supports the purpose of your story, and include supporting material.
  3. 3- End: Call for action by summarizing your main message, finish the circular journey by connecting your beginning and end, and use a strong closing statement to show the video is over.

How can I win?

The top six videos will be awarded. First to third will be selected by the judges’ opinion only. The fourth to sixth will be chosen by the public. Winners will be filtered first by the eligibility and selection committee based on the following criteria: time, video content, candidate drug, language and translation, copyright, and reference. More details about the judging panel could be found in the judging criteria table.

  1. 1- All participants should register for the conference before 6th of March, 2023.
  2. 2- Participation is accepted as recorded video only.
  3. 3- Duration of the video: Maximum 1 minute, preferably less than a minute (45-50 seconds). 
  4. 4- In your video, you must cover at least one of the candidate’s areas. 
  5. 5- Your video can be in any of two languages: Arabic or English, However, if you choose to have your video in English, you must provide Arabic subtitles.
  6. 6- The video produced for the ICPRE conference is not allowed for any other competitions, conferences, or meetings; copyright and ownership are reserved for the ICPRE Conference.
  7. 7- Scientific evidence must support all information presented (i.e., References must be provided).
  8. 8- Deadline for participation is March 5th, 2023 at 11:59 pm.  

Evaluation Criteria
  1. 1- Adherence to the condition of the competition
  2. 2- Creativity and originality
  3. 3- Audio/sound of the video
  4. 4- Content of the video
  5. 5- Clarity and easiness of using verbal and expressions 
  6. 6- Videography 
  7. 7- Presentation skills


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