Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Practice, Research and Education (ICPRE) is an international meeting focusing on health to population and society particularly disease prevention and therapeutics to promote national and global scientific and network collaborations, knowledge and technology transfer, governmental partnership and industrial initiatives among health and developmental sectors for a better health and well-being community.

ICPRE conference emphasizes comprehensive prospects of healthcare including precision medicine, evidence-based medicine, continuous interprofessional education, health leadership, translation of interdisciplinary research and innovation into integrated practice, self-care and public awareness, and highly value-based, team-based, and patient-centered care.

ICPRE conference shares and presents insights into the most challenging problems in the never- ending world of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, nutrition and other allied health fields.

ICPRE is a constructive meeting that convenes world’s experts and those interested in prevention, care process and management including all practitioners (physicians, pharmacists, laboratory technologists, nurses, and health sciences students), educators, researchers, students, academics, administrators, policymakers, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and patients.

The conference theme is Envisioning the Prospects of Prevention and Therapeutics in Diabetes: Sharing pearls of insight in relation to interprofessional collaboration in practice, research and education with the following subthemes:

  • 1- ENLIGHTENING models of best practice in Recent Advances in Clinical Practice for the Management of Diabetes Mellitus
  • 2- SHARING national, regional, and global policies and standards in Emerging Strategies to Manage Complications Associated with Diabetes
  • 3- PROMOTING diversity, involvement, and fitting in Precision Medicine in Diabetes: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Optimal Integrated Care
  • 4- ENCOMPASSING for health and well-being in Special Needs of Special Populations in DM
  • 5- INITIATING Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Values, Models & Tools
  • 6- ENCOURAGING safety in and beyond only healthcare in Transformation to Implement Interprofessional Collaborative Practice for Optimal Diabetic Care
  • 7-REIMAGINING of Digital Diabetes Ecosystem and Technology: Tools and Techniques for Monitoring and Intervention


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