Speakers & Moderators

Dr. Waleed Albaker

One size does not fit all: individualizing diabetes management

Prof. Bassam Bin-Abbas

Diabetes coaching Apps using machine learning tools and techniques

Prof. Abdulmohsen Habib Al Elq

Tailored management of Young-onset Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Adnan Al Sheikh

Does a new smart insulin pen improve diabetic patients' outcomes?

Dr. Jamal Alshawaf

Specific management for specific issues for the treatment of diabetes in pregnancy

Dr. Mohammed Yousef AL Mulhim

Updates in the treatment of diabetic kidney disease

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Wasabi

Diabetes and bone health: clinical implications

Dr. Ahmad Matar

Management updates on the treatment of diabetic patients with heart failure

Dr. Nader Alsheraim

Updates in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy

Dr. Ali Saleh ALYounis

Tirzepatide: A dual GIP and GLP-1 receptor agonist

Dr. Hussain Alturaifi

Advances in Islet cell /stem cell transplant for the cure of type 1 diabetes

Dr. Hussain Alqurain

Session Chair

Dr. Qasem Mohammed Aljabr

Forgotten considerations in the process of care for diabetic older adults

Dr. Musa Almatoua

Sick Day Management for Pediatrics with Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. Fahad Aldosari

Empowering patient self-management - DSMES

Mr. Besher Akram Sweidan

Facilitating Behavior Change and Well-being to Improve Health Outcomes of Patients with Diabetes

Dr. Abdulhadi Habeb

Precision medicine options and initiatives in the management of neonatal diabetes

Dr. Abdulaziz M Alhossan

Implementing collaborative models in diabetes practice in the ambulatory care of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Khaled Alharkan

Underestimated burden of diabetes on caregiver

Dr. Abdulhameed Albunyan

Insulin pumps – closed loop system: an emerging therapeutic approach for people with type 1 diabetes

Dr. Zahra Omran

RCT evidence on time-in-range in Type 1 diabetes using CGM report

Dr. Sulaiman Al Balawi

Diabetes ecosystem & infrastructure using IoT, AI & Data in a gamified rewarding experience

Dr. Maram Alsubaei

Post-bariatric hypoglycemia: etiology, diagnosis, and management

Ms. Nada Almozain

Considering patients’ perspectives

Dr. Sadiq Almubarak

Diabetic foot care skills

Ms. Reem Al Tamimi

Weight loss and diabetes prevention

Dr. Hasan Alhamrani

Session Chair

Dr. Ibrahim Alkadhim

The experience of telehealth in diabetic care clinics

Mrs. Fatimah Almuzain

Dose Adjusted for Normal Eating (DAFNE)/DAFNE plus programs

Dr. Aman Alkishi

Session Chair

Dr. Ibrahim Alibrahim

Are we ignoring the assessment of the mental health of patients with diabetes?

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